The Dolomites, projected up against the sky. Up is a floor lamp made of Pietra Dolomia® agglomerate with a polished or smooth finish that maintains the optical/textural effect of Dolomia stone’s grit. Up is presented in two sizes and has a brushed inox steel base that can be turned at 360°, dimmable light sources with adjustable warmth and intensity. It is made of a single light and slender stone block with finishes and details in metal or inox steel customizable in both finishes and colour. Up is a slender light with a minimal design that perfectly adapts to any interior style.

Design curated by our team and arch.

Orlando Fent


UP cm 178,5x29,5x5,0 / UP 2.4 cm 238,5x29,5x5,0


UP 16 kg / UP 2.4 20 kg