Cloud is a hand-finished suspended lamp with a shiny and polished finish. The product is made of a hand-finished single block of Pietra Dolomia® agglomerate. A light frame hosts the LED light source whose shape brings energy and warmth to the space. The white/gray stone colour makes this installation easy to pair with any other material. Thanks to thin iron wires that keep it suspended, the light seems floating in the sky like a cloud, where it takes its name from. Either paired with other furnishing pieces or presented alone, it will make your spaces unique. It is presented with white ceiling canopy and transparent power cables, both customizable in shape and colour upon request. The format is accurately thought to have a light weight without compromising its solidity.

Designed by

Gaia Panozzo


CLOUD cm 37,9x33,6x4,0 / CLOUD XL cm 66,7x59,2x4,0


CLOUD 2,5 kg (1,8 + 0,8 rosone centrale) / CLOUD XL 4,2 kg (3,4 + 0,8 rosone centrale)