• bea lampada


Bea is a hand-crafted table lamp made of Pietra Dolomia® stone created by an initial computerized numerical control process and then entirely shaped by the hands of our expert artisans. With Bea, light takes a new form and becomes the real protagonist. A hidden led light source creates a soft top-down concentric lighting effect emphasized by its organic lines. It can be finished with a coated and brushed technique or left unfinished to appreciate its natural material surface. The base is made of glazed inox steel, available in other materials and colours upon request. Not just a simple lamp, Bea is a furnishing piece for both indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to the use of Pietra Dolomia®, suitable for both interior and exterior use, and to accurate lighting expedients that make it water resistant.

Designed by

Gaia Panozzo.

Standard size:

cm 38,1x39,0x10,9*

*other dimensions are available upon request


18 kg