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Pietra Dolomia® Cristallina del Serla is an exclusive of Dellfin company, a business owned by the Delladio family who was able to foresee the opportunities given by a mountain territory rich in resources yet difficult to work with due to its climate, its rigid temperatures and to the morphological problems of the territory itself.


The Pietra Dolomia® registered trademark is marketed by Dellfin, with headquarters in Moena and has been dedicated to the cultivation of the cave since 2007. The site is located in i-Piegn in S.Tomaso Agordino (BL), a surface cave where the extraction technologies used are innovative, without being invasive, and respectful of the philosophies and standards of environmental sustainability.


A limited and selected production aimed at the creation of high-quality architectural solutions is carried out. The prime material is natural and produced at km 0, typical of our mountains.


The attention towards the territory suggests the usage of waste in order to optimize the result of the extracted material, the professionalism of our technicians and the expertise of artisans do the rest to highlight this unique material at its best, in terms of chromatic characteristics and versatility of working techniques.


The vision of the owners in investing resources in the development of projects that are parallel to the primary supply of floorings and coating generated various collaborations with architects and designers that led to the creation of design pieces directed to a specifically attentive and demanding clientele.


Other projects include the collaboration with well-known chefs for the production and promotion of the objects of our design line. Our latest project sees the collaboration with lighting companies for the creation and production of furnishing lamps.

Our experience at your service

Uniqueness, simplicity and dynamism are our certainties. Tradition, cure for the territory and respect of nature our guarantees. Artisanal handcraft, experience and technology our know-how. Aesthetic and design our mission.


The original bond with the land and territory also comes from the decision to include local collaborators to give professional answers to out clients’ requests. Our staff is highly qualified, always in touch with technicians and professionals to offer a service that is as complete as possible.


Aware of our knowledge and achieved results, of the privileged relationship with the territory, meant both as community and environment, the company aims to consolidate its gained role and professionality looking at new territories, new materials, technological advancement, training of human resources, renewed synergies and expansion to new sectors.

The product

From flooring to coating, furnishing to interior design and structural embellishment of external spaces, all of the stone’s distinctive elements are highlighted, above all its brightness due to its limestone nature. Portals and jambs, balconies, fountains and outdoor furnishing elements, solid staircases as well as floorings and coatings of different finishes are some of the works created. Partly artisanal working methods make the stone extremely versatile and aesthetically unique, making it largely used for high-altitude floorings thanks to its great anti-freeze characteristics and strongly appreciated for the construction of wellness and relaxing areas. Pietra Dolomia® becomes the protagonist in typical mountain environments. Its medium-gray colour perfectly pairs with materials commonly used in architecture from wood, in all its shades and veinings, to iron and corten.


Pietra Dolomia agglomerate was born from the partnership with an international company specialised in floorings, allowing us to recover and exploit all the production of the cave.


The grain together with concrete and resin allow us to achieve a product characterised by high resistance, ideal for external spaces and suitable to undergo numerous processes as well as functional and elegant finishes, also perfect for interiors spaces such as kitchen tops. The material has a great usage also in the building and architectural sector for ventilated walls.