The products of Pietra Dolomia® Design Line dedicated to table setting include plates, centrepieces and trays of different shapes and sizes that can be easily used either as serving plates or furnishing pieces. Defined yet refined lines enriched with the textural effect of natural Dolomia stone become extremely elegant and light in the rebuilt stone version.
The stone and its irregular gray shades are the real protagonists, alongside the manual skills of craftsmanship that bring the product to life capturing all senses, from touch and sight to taste. The products are handcrafted with computerized numerical and precision manual finishing.
The products are entirely treated with water repellent oil during working stage and with odourless and non-toxic products during protection finishing stage, making it suitable for food contact.
The concept and design of the food line comes from the team work of technicians from Pietra Dolomia® and master craftsmen from partner laboratories.